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Home of the Eagles




We offer a variety of athletic programs (Soccer, Football, Basketball, etc.) designed not only to enhance athletic abilities, but to equip our youth with the proper citizenry skills.  We also enhance health  communities through our annual health expo.Moreover, our programs are designed to offer counseling and guidance which is a necessary factor in good discipline. Our programs are offered to all youth regardless of race or gender between the ages of seven (7) and eighteen (18) and the community as a whole.

Throughout the year we sponsor several basketball tournament here at the club. Additionally, we run a summer sport program for teens between the ages to 15 and 18 that is designed to keep them off of the street between the hours 7:00pm to midnight. We also have a summer program for the younger youth that involves several other Boys and Girls Clubs from the local area. These programs are designed to keep our youth under close supervision and are staffed mainly by a dedicated group of volunteers, many of which have experience with youth

Each year the Langley Park Boys and Girl's Club continues to look for ways to support the people of their community, especially the children. Through our programs and open door policy, we have seen many lives changed for the better.

Each and every child in the surrounding community can be positively impacted by the various programs that the Boys and Girls Club offer. Our After School Assistance Hour, Basketball, Soccer, and Home Work assistance, please  help our organization build positive and confident children.



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