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How to Make a Donation

Langley Park Boys and Girls Club is 501c non profit organization. You can make a donation to the club and take it off your taxes. Not only does your donation impact on the quality of the services we offer the children, it is a tax deduction to you.

You can make your donation by mailing your check or money order to:
Langley Park Boys and Girls Club
P.O. Box 7395
Langley Park, MD 20783

You can also make your donation on line by clicking on the Donate button below. Enter the amount you wish to donate and you will be taken to a secured online Pay Pal site and your donation will be processed and sent to us.

Upon receipt of your contribution, you will be sent an acknowledgement letter, thanking you. Thank you in advance. You are making a difference in a child’s life and our world. It’s much appreciated.


Continued support and donations are essential in order to provide the required resources and facilities that the children who want to succeed and who want to become responsible adults need now.

Today, you can make an immediate difference in the lives of our children. The generous donation that you send will help us to provide educational as well as athletic goods/services at affordable prices to the many children and adults who use our facilities.

Thank you for your donation to the Langley Park Boys and Girls Club. We are dedicated to helping our youths and their families succeed and fulfill their potential. The club location is in the heart of a transient community, many of  the children and family cannot afford a low cost  club membership, they participate free. Money we receive from individual like myself (President & Board members Private donors) along with community events held at the club go right back into  the upkeep of the facility.  We take no salaries and receive no federal or government grants. Langley Park is considered a high risk community for gang activity and our primary goal is to keep the children safe. We will like to continue do so with your donation , please find it in your heart to help the children to be safe. We would like to remain a competitive and influential alternative for community youths and their families

I hope we can count on you to help. Please send the most generous gift you can to help our organization provide for our children. You can obtain our Tax-ID Number by calling the  at 301- 434-7500.

Langley Park Boys and Girl's Club offers a safe haven for our children to learn, grow, and live.

With Grateful Appreciation

Julie Moses

President LPBGC

How to Donate


.How to Donate

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