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Who We Are

  • The year was 1950, and a group of concerned citizens decided to take things into their own hands and  formed the Langley Park Boys Club, later to become the Langley Park Boys and Girls Club. From the outset, "The Club" seeks to create an atmosphere in which young people can strive and grow through competitive sports. Every year since then hundreds of young people have come through the Boys and Girls club and learned the valuable lessons of good citizenship through the use of competitive sports.

  • Here at the club we emphasize school and academic excellence. We are proud of the fact that hundreds of our young people have gone on to college, and instead of criminal records, they have degrees from colleges and are productive citizens of their communities.



The objective of the Langley Park Boys and Girls Club is to assist and supplement the community in the development of youth, the Principles of Friendship, Competitive Spirit, Tolerance, Fair Play and to contribute to the growth of America by developing good citizens.


To be among the top innovators in youth and community development. To incorporate an approach that will allow us to embrace our community holistically and create a safe, green and nurturing environment that will empower our parents and our youth with the ability, skills, and desire to succeed in this ever-changing and diverse era.